Under The Sun

Sous le soleil, by Ariadne Breton-Hourcq Laurence Lagier

When it’s summertime in the orchard, you can eat the berries without a care in the world.
The berries are eaten by a jay, who will be eaten by a weasel, who will be eaten by an owl, who will be eaten by a falcon, who will fall back to Earth to feed the berries…

A first spread presents the countryside where the different animals can be tracked inside geometric structures devised by the authors. The next spread shows the related existing feeding chain. The whole picture book pays tribute to the inner workings of the vegetal and animal kingdoms. An invitation to enjoy nature to the fullest, Under the Sun introduces its readers to the harmony present within wild life.

Special Mention for the FICTION category of the 2021 Bologna Ragazzi Award:

“A playful poetic graphic book that experiments with symbols, pictograms, and type to deconstruct the relationship between signifiers and the signified. An original, joyful, and musical book on the cyclical nature of the world that invites reading and rereading in both directions. It is a work that blends the poetic and the scientific to invite the child to discover the fragility as well as the resilience of nature.”

Hardcover picture book, 40 pages, 29 x 21 cm


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