• How It All Started

    How It All Started

    Comment tout a commencé, by Liuna Virardi  We cross more than 3.4 billion years in a handful of pages: from the appearance of the first single-cell organism in the oceans to the complex life-forms that populate today’s grounds, seas and heavens. The story of these continuous... More

  • Good News From The World

    Good News From The World

    Bonnes nouvelles du monde, by Alain Serres and illustrated by Nathalie Novi Old Theophrastus’ thousand birds bring him nothing but sad news of the world. Only the tiny hummingbird sees everything: an act of kindness here, an environmental victory there, a ray of hope… A... More

  • Kidnapping In Bogey Village!

    Kidnapping In Bogey Village!

    Kidnapping au village des crottes de nez ! , by Mrzyk & Moriceau Do you remember the Bogey village? Dive back into this wacky universe’s wild new adventure by Mrzyk & Moriceau! In the previous «Panic At Bogey Village», the Boulette family had been kidnapped by a gian... More

  • Uncle Teddy

    Uncle Teddy

    Oncle Teddy, by L’Atelier Saje Uncle Teddy is the best baby-sitter one can dream of ! He’s HUGE and funny, apparently a grown-up but are you sure he is ?  Ten situations of every day life with a twist to learn colours with an endearing new hero. An appetizing big picture boo... More

  • Dance, Little Moon!

    Dance, Little Moon!

    Danse, petite lune ! by Kouam Tawa and illustrated by Fred Sochard The very old lady with the hunched back was once the region’s best dancer. A story that makes readers think about different stages of life; a pulsing text that makes you want to dance, and exuberant images that ... More

  • Green Eyes

    Green Eyes

    Les yeux verts, by Li Lamarre and illustrations by Odile Santi Snow is a yellow-eye white cat… A cat who needs freedom. At the end of a long journey, rich and trying, she meets Tao, a green-eyed black cat… 48 pages hardcover picture book, 32.5 x 23 cm    ... More

  • A Little Blue Fly

    A Little Blue Fly

    D’une petite mouche bleue, by Mathias Friman It all starts with a little blue fly crossing the path of a frog. The frog swallows the little fly in one gulp… and turns all blue. The roughest and funniest sides of the food chain come to life in this hiking tale. Nobody esca... More

  • My Little Books

    My Little Books

    Mes petits livres, by Alexandra Remise and illustrated by Mathilde Cabanas A new series by a duet of French fashionistas. Cute, fun and edgy but not only : a real narrative and synthetic drawings for a brilliant result. Kids LOVE IT ! Two titles in the serie : My Little Life (Ma... More

  • Nature Crib Sheets

    Nature Crib Sheets

    Antisèches nature, by François Lassere, Candice Hayat, David Melbeck, Jampur Fraize Why haven’t birds got teeth? Do animals have bogeys too? Why is snow white? Does the female praying mantis really eat the male? Why are leaves green? Children ask so many questions! Answering ... More

  • Shaped Board Books

    Shaped Board Books

    Les cartonnés, by Ingela P. Arrhenius Here is a new series by Ingela with shaped boardbooks of images babies will love to recognize and name: Christmas, At the market, The Forest and At the fun fair. Thick boards, shaped pages, pretty cloth spine and a nice little price. In-bet... More


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