Snout and Thingy

Truffe et Machin, by Émile Cucherousset and Camille Jourdy / Polynia Series by Chloé Mary

Snout and Thingy, the rabbit brothers, have run out of ideas and find themselves short on adventures today. They can’t think of a single silly thing to do. Their situation is desperate. Especially since Thingy has made Snout lose his train of thought just when he was about to come up with an idea, on account of his eternally empty stomach. Short of a miracle, these two are condemned to get bored to death in their joke of a burrow. All of a sudden, Snout glimpses a dayglo thing hiding under a blackberry bush. The game is on for Snout and Thingy!

72 pages paperback novel, 14 x 19 cm.