This Is a Poem that Heals Fishes

Ceci est un poème qui guérit les poissons, by Jean-Pierre Siméon, ill. Olivier Tallec

To heal Leon, his ill gold fish, Arthur must read him a poem. But is there anybody on this earth that can explain to Arthur what a poem is? The baker, the bird, his grandparents, the old Mahmoud, everybody has a different answer. Poem sounds like a very mysterious word. But it’s getting urgent, and Arthur needs to know the answer. To save Leon.
“Exuding magic and unbridled creativity on every page, this is a book with the potential to heal more than just a fish.” Publisher’s weekly
Nominated Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2010

25 x 25 cm, 48 pages

Rights sold: Chinese (Complex and Simplified), Croatian, English (World), German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Romanian, Spanish (World)