What If Nono

Et si Nono, by Inbar Heller Algazi

Poor Nono, having to stand in the middle of nowhere, right here on the page of your book: he’s stuck. We’ll have to find ways to help him pass the time. But what if… What if his finger gets stuck there all night? And what if Nono becomes a grown-up with a moustache… a dad, then a grandpa? What if Nono must spend his whole life stuck in the book? What will happen then? The ideas race throughout the pages, and so do we. Until the moment an off-camera voice calls Nono and brings us all back to reality and the present! “Nono, what are you doing? I’m waiting for you!”

A wacky and playful story built around the book itself, which says a lot about children’s imagination and literature!

Hardcover picture book, 13.5 x 20.5 cm, 32 pages


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