The Book of Gill and Flop

Le livre de Gill et Flop, by Inbar Heller Algazi

A story of friendship carried by a duo of whimsical and endearing characters! The first picture book of a very promising young artist.

Gill and Flop, little hybrid creatures – one third butterfly, one third centipede, one third something else – have been planning their visit to Mister Hops for weeks. After carefully preparing their luggage, they set off on their big adventure. On their way, they will meet Charline the bug, a marathon of red ants, but also… not much else, besides the changing landscape that flows by. It then becomes necessary, in order to pass time, to invent stories and games. The most perilous mission of all: bring in one piece the delicate and precious gift made for Mister Hops. A mission that seems even more complicated to Gill with a creature like Flop by his side, so joyful but also so restless…

Hardcover picture book, 48 pages, 18.5 x 25 cm

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese


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