The March Of The Baoye Tree

La marche du baoyé, by Sigrid Baffert, Adrienne and Léonore Sabrier / Polynia Series by Chloé Mary

Nothing much remained from the life of Tiago, his brother Big Ouji, his Mum and Dad, of the whole Manké farming family. A watering can, a sewing machine and a hair brush -just a few objects discarded on a rickety cart next to the last baoye tree, the tree that gives eleven juicy fruits and whom they called Mister B. The Up rooters had swallowed it all, down to the last scrap of their farm. Tiago and his family had to take to the road then, it was a case of do or die. By dawn a kouré had disappeared. Eleven kourés minus one – that wouldn’t take them far on their way. All the more as, high in the desert sky, rats in feathers were already casting a beady eye on the blue fruits.

60 pages trade paperback, 14 x 19 cm


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