The Good Quack

Le bon coin, by Alexandra Pichard

It is not easy to ring out the good quack. The one that would attract a real duck. Even when you are the most gifted ornithologist.

The ornithologist knows everything there is to know about birds. Well, except one. See, there is one bird that he could never come nearer: the duck. And homemade decoys have trouble adjusting on the ideal “Quack!”

From one page to another, the ornithologist meets a frog, a raven, a crocodile, and even a man named Colin! But not a single sight or noise of a duck. He ends up getting to bed, exhausted and suffering from a cold and loudly blows his nose before closing his eyes… QUACK!

A story filled with joyful accumulations that will make children and adults laugh for sure!

Picture book, 20 x 27.5 cm, 48 pages

Two T for Télérama: The Good Quack is so funny that it leaves us speechless. But how do ducks quack? A scientist makes a lot of decoys to reproduce the cry of the palmipedes, but what a series of blunders before getting out the right “quack”! A picture book that is as visual as it is sonorous, to laugh out loud. Marine Landrot for Télérama, August 25th, 2020


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