The Bungalow’s Gravel Who Dreamt About The Sea

Le gravillon de pavillon qui voulait voir la mer, by Claire Schvartz

Dany is a piece of gravel, but watch out, not any kind of gravel, a bungalow gravel! All day long, he is trampled by feet, wheels or worse… garbage bins. Until one day, a cute sea pebble named Launay shows up at the bungalow and changes Dany’s life. Captivated by Launay’s tales, Dany dreams of looking at the sea… But let’s face it, Dany has no feet. But no one is bound by the impossible. Helped by Serge, a brave dung beetle, Dany will begin his perilous journey. Their aim: get to the pebble tribe.

40 pages hardcover picture book , 19.5 x 27.5 cm

Rights sold: Japanese


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