Open Heart

A coeur ouvert, by Marie-France Zerolo and Élisabeth Benoit-Morelli

Boris is in love with his neighbour but is terribly shy and doesn’t know how to tell her how he feels! That is when a talking crow, Odilon, comes to his res- cue. But Odilon is not motivated by the goodness of his heart; he is looking for a heart full of love to capture and bring back to his friend Asia, who will die if she doesn’t get a new heart soon. Will Odilon be able to fool Boris?

Open Heart is a tale told from four points of view—that of an old man in love, a talking bird, a curious, daring little boy and a young girl on the lookout for a new heart. Written by two authors, it is a moving novel of many voices, one that transports the reader into a poetic realm where hearts can be given, stolen or lost. A funny, suspenseful novel exploring the notions of friendship, Marie-France Chevron and Élisabeth Benoit-Morelli’s Open Heart delivers a series of unexpected turns until the very end.

Novel, 15 x 22 cm, 160 pages