Mr. Tidy And Mr Messy In A Car

Nip et Nimp en voiture, by Lionel Serre

Mr. Tidy and Mr. Messy live in Normaltown, a very ordinary city. Everything looks the same in Normaltown, even the days that go by… Except at Mr. Tidy and Mr. Messy’s home, where there are never two days alike! In a joyfully retro series of stories, Lionel Serre stages his two very similar, yet totally different characters, for new hilarious adventures. Three stories and two short cartoons, in which the storyline always revolves around… cars! With the building of a motorway just behind their house, the race with Showoff in his sports car and the never-ending traffic jams, Mr. Tidy and Mr. Messy are completely overwhelmed!

Hardcover picture book, 17,4 x 24 cm, 32 pages


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