Lynx, by Laurent Geslin

The lynx as you’ve never seen it before!

Emblematic predator, the lynx is the invisible lord of our forests.  By way of pictures and the story of an internationally renowned photographer, this book comes with the film of the same name and reveals the story of a lynx family, as well as some secrets about the shooting. The photographer Laurent Geslin relates the saga of a lynx family on the Jura foothills: a young lynx female meeting a male, the birth of their babies, and their challenges to survive and find their place while their species is still strongly threatened.

The book recounts this story and the one of the related film (released in November 2021) with splendid photographs and a story about these felines’ life. It also shows what is behind the scenes of this fascinating adventure, takes us near the photographer and filmmarker who shares with us how he works, his commitment to this great emblematic predator, the lynx, and reveals his secrets about the most beautiful and unusual shootings.

Hardcover non-fiction, photography, 128 pages, 23 x 27.8 cm



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