Fox’s Odyssey

L’odyssée du renard, by Laurent Geslin and François Moutou

Read about the fantastic destiny of a fox who travels from his native forest to the outskirts of a major metropolis. Despite the noise, pollution and teeming crowds of people, the cunning fox adapts. After a journey filled with fascinating encounters and dangerous confrontations, our fox arrives in town. But will he be able to make his place in the human world?

The Photo Diaries series is La Salamandre’s new photography series. Each volume contains a nature photographer’s field notes, sharing his methods, his journey into the wild and his best nature shots. The authors confirm that all pictures were taken with the utmost respect for their subjects and the environment.

Stunning, previously unpublished photos take readers deep into the world of wild animals and plants!

140 pages, 24,8 x 24,8 cm hardcover photo book