Little Fisherman, Big Appetite

Petit pêcheur, grand appétit, by Suzy Vergez

A little fisherman living on an island used to catch one fish for the whole family to share but as time passed his appetite got bigger… So he made larger and larger nets to bring in a bigger catch, then he built a fish processing plant to help his business grow…

And soon the gulls were complaining that there wasn’t anything left for them to eat! And the crabs were panicking: the seabed was becoming a desert! The little fisherman has to leave his island to fish elsewhere. There he meets a fishing community who treat the sea with infinite care, tending it like their garden. These new friends give him a few seaweed plants and a couple of fish to bring life back to the seabed around his island…

A refreshing reminder that the sea isn’t an endless source of food!

48 pages picture book, 19 x 27 cm

Rights sold: Farsi, Korean


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