Creating With…

Créer avec

The series allows children to discover great masters of art (Picasso, Kandinsky, Vermeer, Vinci, Magritte, Matisse and Warhol) while playing games created by contemporary artists. These playing books are aimed at children from 4 years old.

Colouring, drawing, cutting, finding its way out of a maze, solving clues: the games have been created by artists from very different horizons. Proposals to children can be extremely simple or quite sophisticated, but the child on his/her own easily does most of them.

The black and white pages inside allow children to play and create themselves with no restriction. Many of the proposals can also be used in school as workshops; they allow a playful reading of images for school children, and a first introduction to art and some major artists in a captivating form. They propose children an original and joyful vision of art while opening their mind to ancient and contemporary creation.

22 x 28 cm, 64 pages, full colour cover, black & white inside