Bones Estate

Fémur immo, by Marie Mirgaine

At Bones Estate, Mary-Jo Bones will find you the house of your dreams, whether you are a zombie, a giant spider or an old toad! Unless someone has a bone to pick with you…

Bones Estate is a real estate agency that has belonged to a friendly family of skeletons for almost 72 centuries. It has been managed for the last 140 years only by the valiant Mary-Jo Bones.
In this horrific world populated by devils, witches and giant spiders, everyone is keen to find the home
of their dreams. It is to better satisfy her special customers that Mary-Jo accepts to test Mister Shady’s new machine: the house generator! But what sounded like a great idea very quickly goes wrong for Mary- Jo and her employees…

A hilarious and subtle picture book that plays with the well-known favorite children’s monsters and creatures, but funnily puts them in dangerous situations.

32 pages picture book, 21 x 27 cm


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