Aiko, by Christoffer Ellegaard and Ainhoa Cayuso

Propelled at several million kilometres per hour, the B-Troot rocket explores the Universe in search of extra-terrestrial life. Aiko, a brave astronaut trained to face the extreme conditions of space, lands on a mysterious planet inhabited by descendants of valiant cosmonaut dogs. Gifted with incredible intelligence and freed from all human influence, these space dogs have become their own masters, and are rather welcoming. But the mood is spoiled when Aiko rejoices aloud at how famous she will become when she tells all about her discovery back on Earth. On the dog’s planet, one doesn’t really want to see the human species again – they did not leave the best memories the last time. Which will prevail, scientific prestige or the happiness of fulfilled dogs? Aiko will choose to keep the secret and will be able to return to Earth. Beware! Only the readers who have sworn to secrecy will be able to read this book.

With its striking, colorful images from outer space and his uncanny sense of humour, Christoffer Ellegaard questions our relationship with animals… and the Universe as a whole. Dogs, humans, it’s the same story: to live happily, let’s live in seclusion.

Hardcover picture book, 21 x 27 cm, 32 pages

Rights sold: English (world)


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