130 Days of Lies

130 jours de mensonges, by Nadine Brun-Cosme

Stick to the truth while you still can!

130 Days of Lies explores the role played by lies in the lives of three teenagers: Léon steals to make up for his parents’ indifference and lack of love; Manon pretends her mother is dead rather than admitting she abandoned her daughter to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer; and Mélanie, whose mother really is dead, feigns to believe in Manon’s lies before ultimately betraying her. Faced with the absence of parents who act responsibly when it comes to their children, the three teenagers have become liars by necessity. Little by little, their destinies intertwine, until the resilience of youth prevails and they figure out how to let themselves love and be loved in return.

130 Days of Lies evokes the failure of adults to act responsibly, the feelings of suffering and betrayal to which teenagers are often subject, and how they learn to heal, with or without the presence and support of their parents.

Funny, profound, vivid, moving, and angry, 130 Days of Lies is a magnificent counterpoint of three different voices that complete one another.

192 pages novel, 15 x 22 cm


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