Your Heart Beats to the Pulse of the Earth

Ton cœur bat au rythme de la terre, by Claire Cantais

A young girl on a train is overtaken by boredom when her iPad runs out of batteries, and she falls asleep. In her dream, a woman with blue skin and fiery hair leads her on an exploration of the wonders of nature, deep into the depths of the forest, down to the bottom of the sea and into the heart of the desert. When the train pulls into the station, the girl wakes up. That very evening, she will run out into her yard, to dance in the grass and feel the breeze tousle her hair.
Readers will delight in this dreamlike vision of undulating shapes and hypnotising hues as they reconnect with the outdoors, imagining the tickles of grass under their feet, the caress of the wind in their hair and the coolness of dew on their cheeks. They will learn to listen to the Earth’s pulse beating at the very same pace as their own, a feeling that will resonate long after they have turned the last page!

Hardcover picture book, 23 x 32.5 cm, 48 pages