Young Children, Great Readers

Petits enfants, grands lecteurs, by Joëlle Turin and Nathalie Virnot

Today, everybody knows that very young children love stories, no matter if they’re real or made up. They love to read stories and to listen to them. When too young to read picture books on their own, they love to listen to them on and on, to read the pictures and they generally ask for more.
There’s no question that something important happens during that time. But what is it exactly? What do children show us? What do young readers tell us so naturally and so spontaneously that enchants and amazes us?

As mediators, psychoeducator Joëlle Turin and scholar Nathalie Virnot share their experiences of reading to very young children.

Hardcover non-fiction book, 200 pages, 17 x 20.6 cm