When Your Heart Misses a Beat, or How Simon Discovered Love in a Kitchen

L’arrêt du cœur ou comment Simon découvrit l’amour, dans une cuisine, by Agnès Debacker, illustrated by Anaïs Brunet

Since Simone left, Simon comes to his building caretaker Françoise’s office every day for coffee and, more importantly, to hear about Simone’s story. Three buzzer rings, the faint sound of the radio in the kitchen, and Simone’s head in her bowl of café-au-lait. Simon can still hear Françoise’s wail. Simone was an old lady and died of a heart attack and Simon is finding it very hard to cope with his broken heart. Simon and Simone were two sides of a crazy friendship and had a magical object: their wishing kettle, overflowing with bits of paper. Simon comes to the conclusion that this kettle will do him good. He must go and fetch it from Simone’s flat. He must read its written secrets. Simon doesn’t know yet that a messy kitchen can hide a great, beautiful mystery.

Polynia Novel Series, directed by Chloé Mary, 108 pages novel, 14 x 19 cm, colour illustrations, 9years+