What a Blade of Grass can Teach us

La leçon du brin d’herbe, by Olivier Bleys

Walk alongside a writer with a very beautiful writing who takes us on his long journeys on foot and his peri-urban hikes in contact with nature.

Close to a resplendent, suffering and resilient nature, Olivier Bleys speaks to us of a nature that is either resplendent or suffering, but which often responds to our interventions in a surprising and resilient way. He invites us to be the companion of his nature hikes, from the world tour made by stage each year to the stroll around the cities near us. In the alpine forests, the Russian steppes, between two motorways or in the allotments on the outskirts of urban centres.

Writer walker, winner of sixteen literary prizes including two prizes from the Académie Française, the author discovered walking paradoxically to treat back pain.

The Walking With Series offers the opportunity to walk in the company of personalities from the worlds of literature, ecology and sport. Each author confides his/her intimate relationship with walking, the sensations and emotions it brings him/her, the inner journeys, his/her philosophy of hiking, awareness and reflections on nature.

Emotions and sensations in the natural world. A journey closer to nature. The relationship between Man and his environment. The influence of nature on the human’s spirit. How to walk in nature while being close to one’s feelings.

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Non-fiction series, lifestyle, travel narrative, 150 to 180 pages, ten titles available