Turtle, Big Reed and Little Nail

Tortue, grand roseau et petit clou, by Anne Terral and Géraldine Alibeu

On the island, Turtle, who is very, very old, has the feeling her life is coming to an end. She brings together all her friends, Beaver, Otter, Toad and Po, Toad’s son, who adores Turtle, to let them know. Then, before closing her eyes for the last time, Turtle gives each of her friends a loving handmade souvenir. Little Po inherits a large reed and a small, mysterious nail. Simple objects which will nevertheless allow, when the time has come, to gather and celebrate Turtle.

A tender yet joyful picture book about the peculiar time of grief and loss, tackling the complex topic of death in a subtle manner.

Hardcover picture book, 17.4 x 24 cm, 40 pages