The Story of the Little Apple That Didn’t Want to be Eaten

Histoire de la petite pomme qui ne voulait pas être mangée, by Bertrand Ruillé and Mila Boutan

Once upon a time on an apple tree, there was a little green apple that didn’t want to grow up because she didn’t want to be eaten. In the meadow where she lived, greedy cows ate red apples so the little apple took good care not to turn red. One morning, she decided that it was time to live her life. She grew so big that she could eat the cows up! But it wasn’t going to be that easy and the cows decided to fight back…

This book by Bertrand Ruillé and Mila Boutan was published in 1971 and hasn’t been reprinted until today. Mila Boutan’s clean lines beautifully play on shapes with a limited use of colours.

Board book, 16 x 19.1 cm, 18 pages