The Squirrel’s Secret Life

La face cachée de l’écureuil, by Erwan Balança (photographs) and Michel Blant (text)

Everyone thinks they know the squirrel – a woodland sprite for some, a familiar figurein parks and gardens for others. Yet this appealing creature also has many hidden faces.So what are squirrels really like?

A beautifully produced book combining unique images and texts packed with information to enrich our understanding of this most charismatic of our wildlife neighbours. This book is for anyone intrigued by this animal, for anyone who loves beautiful photography and anyone with an interest in wildlife, for teachers, managers of nature reserves and urban parks.

The Photo Diaries series is Éditions de La Salamandre’s new photography collection. Each volume contains a nature photographer’s field notes, sharing his methods, his journey into the wild and his best nature shots. The authors confirm that all pictures were taken with the utmost respect for their subjects and the environment.

Stunning, previously unpublished photos take readers deep into the world of wild animals and plants!

Hardcover Illustrated Book, 248 x 248 mm, 160 pages

Titles of the Photo Diaries series: