The Orphans of Prolis

Les orphelins de Prolis, by Tristan Deluzarches

Book one: Evasion in the New World

It is the fifth century of the Age of Light and young orphans Yann and Briac manage to survive by pilfering goods at local markets until Briac, the younger of the two, finally gets caught! To flee their troubles, the brothers join the crew of Evasion, a large ship about to embark on a secret mission. Packed with the most unexpected turns of events and set in a fascinating, singular universe akin to those of the most celebrated epic tales, Evasion in the New World is the first book of the three-volume The Orphans of Prolis saga.

Its brilliantly rendered characters, exotic settings, and rousing battles are the work of exceptional young author Tristan Deluzarches, who first came up with the idea for his debut novel in junior high school and has with Evasion in the New World fulfilled the dream of the young boy whose passion for writing and thirst for adventure continue to inhabit his soul!

464 pages novel, 15 x 22 cm