The King who Wanted to Catch the Moon

Le roi qui voulait décrocher la lune, by France Quatromme and Françoise Rogier

An exuberant, highly visual joke that says something about our societies where so many people are trying to climb to the top!

Even in the middle of the night, this young monarch demands that food be brought to him… and, on this particular evening, there’s a beautiful pancake in the sky. So the king’s servants have to bring stacks of chairs and mountains of furniture to pile up so that he climb up and get it, but then the whole thing comes tumbling down when he asks for his little chair at the bottom of the stack to be passed up to him. Eventually we find him and his crown under a pile of objects. But the king has such a big bump on his head that he can no longer wear his crown! From now on, if he’s hungry in the night, this ordinary citizen will cook himself a pancake.

A lively book, with a tall, narrow format, better to reach the moon.

Hardcover picture book, 14 x 30 cm, 36 pages