The Family Picture

Photo de famille, by Chloé Millet and Delphine Jacquot

Today is Diego’s birthday! Along his feathered cousins, he is planning a big party in the rainforest. But first, the traditional family photo shoot must take place, and that’s not an easy task…

Let’s meet Diego, an Ara Macao Parrot, a species known for breaking longevity records. In the Amazonian Forest, a gigantic banquet offering tons of seeds and maggots has been set for the occasion, and all the birds gathered are getting impatient: the party can soon begin! But first, the traditional family photo must be taken! Athena, the owl photographer, calls everyone to get in place, but nothing goes as planned. The poultry grumble, the cuckoo does not stay still, the ostrich stands in front of everyone, the nocturnal birds doze off… a total mess!

Hardcover picture book, 32 pages, 29 x 23 cm

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese



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