The Devour-All

L’avale-tout, by Laurence de Kemmeter

This fish-shaped steel giant is casting off for the ‘Big clean-up’, the 36th operation of its kind! Céleste the duck and Zéphir the frog go fishing for rubbish, with the help of the entire crew. Plastic bags, bo tles, tyres, toys – nothing can escape the gaping mouth of the Devour-All. Their aim is to clean up the river and take the items collected to Recycle City to give them a second life. But, during the expedition, two of the passengers are surreptitiously planning a brilliant stunt. They organise a secret workshop, and we eventually find out about operation ‘Bloom-bloom’: the small animals of the Devour-all are going to throw ‘seed bombs’ at the walls of neighbouring buildings to sow plants and . . . the desire to change the world!

Hardcover, 28 x 35 cm, 48 pages

Rights sold: Korean