Surf, Surf, Surf

Surf, Surf, Surf, by Pascale Moisset and Yves Viallard

A young surfer is fast asleep at home. As soon as she wakes, she jumps up and hurries out to check the waves. As she dashes to the beach, wind in her hair, surfboard in tow, she wonders what the waves of the day will be like. Will they be out of control? Will they roar? Will they be slow, long and treacherous?
When she gets to the shore, she looks at the water and prepares to become one with the elements. There’s a perfect wave, and it gets bigger and bigger as it comes closer… And she takes off, seeking that indescribable feeling that comes with gliding in the pocket of a wave as it rises, huge, magnificent and unique, before breaking against the shore and becoming whitewater. Blissful, the young surfer falls back into the water. That night, her dreams will find her wondering about what the waves will be like the following day!

Hardcover picture book, 24 x 27 cm, 48 pages