Recycle Like an Earthworm

Zéro déchet à la manière d’un lombric, by Nathalie Tordjman

Why does nature recycle better than we do? Nature doesn’t need bins, it’s the first to practice zero waste. Why can’t we?

Chasing food waste like a lynx by eating only what is necessary, or by leaving to others what is not consumed rather than throwing it away, making resistant, recyclable and 100% biodegradable packaging like the spider, building without waste like the bee and its wax cells or getting rid of excrement without using drinking water, while maintaining a clean interior like the badger does… You can’t imagine the diversity of solutions invented by living organisms over the course of evolution.

The “How to live a good life in the 21st century” series proposes to find new sources of inspiration in nature for the questions of everyday life. In its great diversity, nature is full of unexpected solutions. Each essay draws on the natural and human sciences to address important needs in our lives.

Non-fiction series, Paperback, average 208 pages.

Two other titles available: Beguile Like a Doe and Raise Young Like a Fox