Oskar and the Count

Oskar et le comte, by Jean-Baptiste Drouot

A dark and wet curse has fallen upon the small village of Klopek. Because of Count Darkula, rain falls continuously on its inhabitants. To put an end to the spell, the wise men of the town have commissioned the most competent people to leave to defeat Darkula: strong, intelligent, they have all tried… and failed. None of them came back. In a last glitch of hope, they send Oskar the cat, the village cheesemaker, to confront the horrible Count Darkula! Oskar discovers to his own astonishment that Darkula is just a tiny little mouse! But be careful: Darkula is not just any mouse, but a lady mouse determined to subdue all these cats – including Oskar, her last visitor…

Hardcover picture book, 17.4 x 24 cm, 48 pages