Once Upon a Time There Was Night

Il était une fois la nuit, by Carole Reboul

An illustrated book on the topical issue of the preservation of the starry sky and the battle against light pollution, illustrated by magnificent photos accompanied by informative, reader-friendly texts.

How many children nowadays are still lucky enough to gaze at a starry sky? Galloping urbanisation and all-pervasive artificial lighting are threatening to shrink the darkness at an alarming rate. Through dreamlike photos accompanied by informative, reader-friendly texts, this book provides a compelling, visually attractive, well-argued appeal for the preservation of the night sky. It also enables us to learn about the little-known importance of darkness for wild fauna and flora, as well as for us humans. A photographer who marries her aesthetic approach and her commitment to fighting light pollution, Carole Reboul celebrates the beauty of the sky and nocturnal landscapes. She also bears witness to the many initiatives to restore the night to its rightful place that are taking place locally and around the globe.

200 pages, hardcover non-fiction, photography, 24 x 32 cm