Nathalie Parain

Nathalie Parain, by Michèle Cochet, Michel Defourny, Claude-Anne Parmegiani

Born in Kiev in 1897, Nathalie Parain studied at the Vkhutemas in Moscow. In the 1920s, she moved to Paris with her husband, philosopher Brice Parain. Inspired by constructivist theories, poster art and education, she took up children’s illustration. In 1930, she illustrated Mon chat (My Cat) written by André Beucler and published by Gallimard. Then she met publisher and pedagogue Paul Faucher who offered her to illustrate for Les albums du Père Castor. Today Nathalie Parain is considered as a major artist. She is still a big influence on contemporary children’s picture books.

It is the first definitive monograph on Nathalie Parain. It brings together illustrations, excerpts from books and unpublished material. Interviews with her daughter and texts written by children’s literature experts bring insightful perspectives on her work.

224 pages, 21 x 25.5 cm