Mimi and Momo

Mimi et Momo, by Odile Ferraille and Charlotte Colmet Daâge 

This is Momo. And this is Mimi. Momo loves Mimi. But Mimi doesn’t love Momo very much. Momo has a friend. Mumu. Momo and Mumu love each other a lot. But Mimi doesn’t like Mumu. And Mumu doesn’t like Mimi, as Mumu doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t like his friend Momo. When Momo disappears, Mimi and Momo will chase Momo together… When they finally find Momo, Momo is not alone! Momo introduces Minimo to Mimi and Mumu. Momo has a mini-me. Momo is a mummy. Really?

A funny short story to play with words and sounds, with a cute surprise in the end! A perfect first bedtime story for toddlers.

Board book, 20 x 18 cm, 24 pages






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