Friday or the Other Days

Vendredi ou les autres jours, by Gilles Barraqué and Hélène Raizac / Polynia Series by Chloé Mary 

Seven days of complete stillness spent staring at bamboo shoots. Friday is stricken with an illness that is eating away at him, his eyes are wandering all over the place and his mood has plummeted. His damned beardo of Robinson may have cooked him a sunny thigh of crucru – a creature as rare as a coffer of gold -, Friday has refused to even open his mouth. Not even to play one of his famous oboe tunes. So, when the fluttering white sails of a ship appear on the horizon with the promise of taking them away from this forsaken rock, Robinson predicts a hell of a party…

132 pages paperback novel, 14 x 19 cm