A Lifetime To Learn

Toute une vie pour apprendre, by Gabriele Rebagliati, illustrated by Michio Watanabe

You can learn anything. To plant flowers, eat with chopsticks, ride a bike, speak a foreign language… And it is exactly what the character of this story does. The reader immediately bonds with the character, who is thirsty for knowledge. Until the end of the book, when we celebrate a joyful occasion: her birthday. A final surprise that gives meaning to the whole book… as the character turns out to be a 74 years old grandmother!

The intelligent framing by Michio Watanabe makes for a surprising first reading. We can only fully understand the character at the end, and each learning situation can be linked to a moment of childhood. This is all the genius of this picture book for the young and not so young…

40 pages hardcover picture book, 22.5 x 32 cm