This Is Not a Still Life

Ceci n’est pas une nature morte, by Caroline Laroche

An anthology of the still life genre and the things of our daily lives.
Co-published with the Musée du Louvre, This Is Not a Still Life! takes a fresh, wide-reaching look at the still life genre. Objects, symbols, and other things that affect, play a role in, and symbolise daily life are omnipresent, and it is to foster a better perception and understanding of this phenomenon that artists of the past and the present continue to perpetuate the genre.

Caroline Laroche confronts dozens works of art from various eras and styles to offer a multilateral vision—meticulously researched but nonetheless highly accessible—that will appeal to a host of audiences. Young readers will discover masterpieces from collections at the Louvre and other museums, and the fascinating, straightforward dialogue between them will inspire readers to see their own daily lives in a new light.

Hardcover non-fiction, 80 pages, 22 x 28 cm