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24 Hours in the World

24 heures dans le monde, by Sandrine Mirza and Atelier Cartographik Did you know that the people in Ecuador travel 40,075 kilometres in a single day without moving an inch? That the Earth shakes about 250 times each day? In the meantime, each human being breathes enough air to blow up 87 inflatable boats and… Read more »


Suzon, by Emilie Chazerand, illustrated by Amandine Piu, an Okidokid creation for Gulf Stream Editeur The daily life adventures of Suzon, a mischievous little girl with crazy ideas who can speak to animals. In each story they give her a hand to solve a problem: ants help her to clean-up her room, monkeys help her… Read more »

Thwart The Traps

Déjoue les pièges, by Pascale Hédelin, illustrated by Benjamin Strickler and Julien Tixier. An Okidokid creation for Gulf Stream Editeur Each documentary is made of ten large and very detailed illustrations and invites the reader to explore a scene related to a theme (history, science, nature, sport, art). In each spread the reader has to… Read more »

Moving Animals Series

Animaux animés, by Charles Paulsson, an Okidokid creation for Gulf Stream Editeur An animated collection about animals: each book is dedicated to a particular species. The children discover the animal life by turning the wheels, opening the flaps and pulling the tabs. The illustrations are full of humour but the content is 100 % serious… Read more »