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25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Feuille, by Diána Nagy A leaf is born of a shoot in springtime. It then endures the succession of seasons and its attending wind and rain, insects and butterflies. Comes autumn and the leaf turns yellow; it falls off the tree. Is the cycle over? Not if anybody has any say in the matter… 36 […] Read more»

The Tiny Nonsense Library

13 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
La Drôle de petite bibliothèque, by Dorothy Kunhardt and Garth Williams Twelve stories, twelve animals, twelve adventures going year round. The work of author Dorothy Kunhardt and illustrator Garth Williams in 1949, these twelve short stories are sometimes nonsensical but always whimsical. Here they are, compiled in a tiny bookset. 12 hardcover books in a […] Read more»

Days, Months and Seasons

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Les jours, les mois et les saisons, by Claire Garralon Each double page spread features two things. Turn the page and see what happens when they come together! Sun and rain means… a rainbow! It’s spring. A bucket and sand means… a sandcastle! It’s summer. An exercise book and pencils means… school! It’s autumn. Scarf and […] Read more»

Nature Pocket Guides

9 janvier, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Les Guides Salamandre. The ultimate pocket guide to observe and learn.  Here at last is a series of compact guides for exploring the natural environment from season to season. These clear and comprehensive handbooks are essential companions, helping readers study and identify all types of flora and fauna. A handy pocket guide ! 4 titles […] Read more»

Land Art For Toddlers

9 janvier, 2015 Posted by Hannele
P’tits Land Art, By Marc Pouyet Magical imagery, with the humble dandelion transformed into an inviting carpet of ragged flowers making the reader long to sit on it and listen to the birds singing ! These striking photos, at once both playful and poetic, will take little ones on a journey through nature, where the gently […] Read more»

My Nature Activity Books

3 janvier, 2015 Posted by Stéphanie
Mon Cahier Nature, by Christian Voltz Activity books to take everywhere, so kids can have fun as they learn about nature! This fun-filled book is packed with games, projects, recipes, hints and tips. What better way learn about nature than to get out and enjoy it! Readers can solve riddles about mice and birds of […] Read more»

The Bird on the Branch

3 octobre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
L’oiseau sur la branche, by Anne Crausaz On a branch, as the seasons go by, week by week, 52 birds tell us how they live. Those who migrate, those who stay, and the way they eat. All this gives the opportunity to see a dazzling parade of feathers, contrasting sharply with the more restrained colour […] Read more»

Who Ate That?

14 décembre, 2013 Posted by Catherine
Qui a mangé? by Anne Crausaz So… who’s been eating the radishes? Who tasted the tomatoes? Who scoffed all the chicory? Each of these questions is answered on a page in the colour of the vegetable with a telltale nibbled edge, while also revealing the greedy culprit. This bright, tactile book introduces our friend Raymond to […] Read more»

Waiting For You

26 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
En t’attendant…, by Emilie Vast A character – the mother – is waiting, observing nature evolve, seeing things grow and gradually come to maturity. Every change is an opportunity for the first introduction to nature, a colour chart and picture book that reveals a surprise each time, the last of which announces the birth of […] Read more»

Kate Greenaway’s Birthday Book

26 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Le petit livre des souvenirs, by Kate Greenaway This book was a bestseller between the 1880s and 1900s. Charming colour plates for each month, one small illustration for each day, a verse and then some blank space to fill in with important events or beloved birthdays. It is one of the cutest little datebooks ever […] Read more»