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First Day

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Emilie
Premier matin, by Fleur Oury Today’s the first day back at school after the holidays, and Little Bear doesn’t want to get up − Little Bear’s scared. What if he forgets his school bag? What if he gets into trouble? What if he falls out with all his friends? On the way to school, Big Bear reassures Little Bear as they walk through […] Read more»

Do’s Shame

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Do la honte, by Raphaële Frier “Do” is a model student. But he has a terrible secret. A source of dire embarrassment which he covers up with lies: his own family. The family from hell with their filth, coarseness and wretchedness, which disgust him. Nobody can imagine how he lives. Until the day his mother, collapses […] Read more»

Until Saturday!

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
A samedi, by Hubert Ben Kemoun, illustrated by Zaü This graphic novel in three colours plunges into the emotional worlds of ten or so characters aged 15 to 40 over a period of four days. These intersecting destinies all have in common the universal theme of love’s unpredictability. Whether it lasts two days or two decades, whether passionate […] Read more»

The Day Our Teacher Stopped Dancing

26 septembre, 2014 Posted by Stéphanie
La Maîtresse ne danse plus, by Yves Pinguilly & illustrated by Zaü Being a child in 1914. This book evokes WWI by telling young readers the life of those who stayed behind. Summer of 1914. Little Adèle eats her snack while looking at her parents trimming the wheat field. The church bells start ringing: all […] Read more»

At Rainbow School

13 novembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
À l’école arc-en-ciel, by Béatrice Fontanel and Lucile Placin One morning, tears stream down Tom’s face so fast that they flood the school playground. The children are delighted, the teachers turn into mermaids and everyone has fun playing and splashing around. At last a magnificent rainbow appears above the school, and Tom is eager to […] Read more»


24 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Popdouwizz, by Lili Scratchy Céleste dreams of having a pet she would be able to confide her secrets to. But Céleste happens to come across a Popdouwizz, which is infinitely funnier! Popdouwizzs are soft little creatures, they can change shape at will, they smell like pop corn, they poo butterflies and have big cute eyes… […] Read more»

Pedro Crocodile and George Alligator

19 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Pedro Crocodile et George Alligator, by Delphine Perret If you are the kind of reader who is “a little sweet but good to eat”-meaning you are under twenty- and if you can’t recognize a crocodile from an alligator: this book is meant for you! George and Pedro are cousins. One is an alligator, the other […] Read more»

Dressing up!

23 mai, 2013 Posted by Catherine
En quoi tu te déguises? by Julie Clélaurin and Xavier Deneux Today it’s carnival at school and the children are wearing their favourite costume. Only one of them forgot to dress up, but he has an idea! Readers can touch Harlequin’s costume, feathers from an Indian, the princess’s dress, the ghost’s sheet, and the clown’s […] Read more»

Nassim and Nassima

29 janvier, 2013 Posted by Catherine
Nassim et Nassima, by Ingrid Thobois and Judith Gueyfier Nassim and Nassima live on the heights above Kabul, Afghanistan, and always spend their days together, playing and doing typical children’s chores. It seems this friendship will last forever – until one day it’s time to go to school – but only for Nassim; Nassima must stay […] Read more»