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2 avril, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Nuage, by Diana Nagy A little cloud lands on the forest by mistake. The animals want to help him get back to the sky and they blow hard on him. But it’s not hard enough. Who will be able to blow on the little cloud so that he can go back to his friends up in […] Read more»

After The Storm

30 mars, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Après l’orage, by Hélène Romano and illustrated by Adolie Day Growing-up in a happy family, this child has not understood what the attacks are exactly. The parents did not dare to explain what happened and they have locked themselves into their own distress. But the child wonders and understands more than grown-ups might like to believe. This tender story gives keys for […] Read more»

If the Rabbit Parents Were Sleeping with their Children…

23 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
Et si les parents lapins dormaient avec leurs enfants… By Malika Doray So, how do we go about explaining that rabbit parents and rabbit children sleep in their own separate beds? By telling them off? Ok then, just for tonight. And what about the rabbit grandparents? Maybe they’d like to sleep with their children? And […] Read more»

Babies Taste Salty

23 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
Les bébés ont un goût salé, by Dominique Sampiero With an absent father, a mother who disappears for several days and a baby sister to pacify, thirteen-year-old Malika already has plenty of responsibilities. But a week at the seaside with her youth club and all her friends is just too good to miss. She’ll just […] Read more»

Together With Dad

14 avril, 2014 Posted by Emilie
Avec Papa, by Julien Roux One day in the life of a lile child together with his dad: a succession of small daily rituals, shared games and complicity. A fresh orange juice to start the day with, then cycling around the neighbourhood, building sand castles, playing hide-and-seek… A simple and happy book about shared moments and what the father […] Read more»

When Grown-Ups Get Mad

14 avril, 2014 Posted by Emilie
Quand les grands se fâchent, by Malika Doray When grown-ups get mad, what do children do? They can ssee it happening, hear it sometimes, but when grown-ups get mad, children remain children: they keep playing. And when grown-ups kiss? The book features both children and adults. It is aimed at helping the youngest to remain children, and the grown-ups to […] Read more»


17 juillet, 2013 Posted by Catherine
Terrible, by Alain Serres, ill. by Bruno Heitz Terrible is a black wolf that frightens everybody, his wife and children included. One day, the little wolves take off their father’s boots and gloves and are stunned to discover that he has coloured legs! This compelling, gentle book is about a feeling that sometimes frightens grown-ups: tenderness! […] Read more»

Three Little Gifts

14 juin, 2013 Posted by Catherine
Trois petits cadeaux, by Sandra Poirot Cherif A touching and tender book on the feelings of children when parents are separating, and on what adults go through also. A picture book that seems to be the letter of a mother to her young daughter. The mum brings three small surprises to her little girl… the reader […] Read more»

Mother Whale's Soup

18 janvier, 2013 Posted by Catherine
La Soupe de maman baleine, by Yana Lee All that we know about Mother Whale’s soup is that it contains leeks and one special ingredient. It’s the best in the world! The whale calves grow up, become adults and have children of their own, which they, in turn, raise with this recipe of love. In Yana […] Read more»