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My Dinosaur’s Called Darwin

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Mon dinosaure s’appelle Darwin, by Didier Lévy and Kotimi Darwin, a child’s cuddly dinosaur, tells him the most wonderful story, one that began millions of years ago on the ocean floor. Then, gradually, over the millennia, some fish began to grow legs and others, wings. Evolution continued its fabulous adventure, until one day a man […] Read more»

Me And The Others

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Ta Race ! Moi et les autres, by Marie Desplechin and Betty Bone Who’s racist nowadays? Me, you, the others? Also, where does the idea of us belonging to different races come from? Aren’t we all human beings? A luminous book that sheds light on relationships with the other, differences and racial prejudice throughout history. […] Read more»

Daddy, Why Did You Vote For Hitler?

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Papa, pourquoi t’as voté Hitler ?, by Didier Daeninckx, illustrated by Pef Germany, March 1933. Rudi’s father is about to vote for Adolf Hitler’s party, but his mother flatly refuses to. Didier Daeninckx uses the daily life of one family to help us imagine and reflect on what is was like to live through the relentless […] Read more»

From Mummy to Mummy & From Daddy to Daddy

2 avril, 2016 Posted by Emilie
De maman en maman et De papa en papa, by Emilie Vast A long story, from generation to generation, from mummy to mummy and from daddy to daddy, approaches us. Russian dolls increasingly small unfold, each decorated with animals and flowers, each in a different colour. A very, very, very long time ago, not so long ago… and […] Read more»

Monsieur Chocolat

30 mars, 2016 Posted by Emilie
France’s First Black Clown Monsieur Chocolat, le premier clown noir, by Bénédicte Rivière, illustrated by Bruno Pïlorget Monsieur Chocolat was the son of slaves who entertained Paris society in the 1900s. His success was due to his huge talent as an artist, but also to the contempt his white audience had for black  people. Includes photos and archives showing a Belle Époque […] Read more»

The ABC of Civilisation

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Emilie
ABC des peuples, by Liuna Virardi From a limited number of shapes, we can draw all the different peoples of the world. This is what Liuna Virardi shows us in this ABC of Civilisation, representing 26 of them to begin with! Each letter of the alphabet is associated with one civilisation and gives a presentation of its lifestyle, illustrated by a face made up of coloured […] Read more»

All the Giants Were Once a Child

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Tous les géants ont un jour été des enfants, by Annabelle Gugnon Confucius, Marco Polo, Sigmund Freud, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, Marie Curie… It is hard to believe that the fate of those giants of our past was so strongly linked to their childhood. We explore these great personalities’ inner selves thanks […] Read more»

My Wonder Room

23 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
Ma chambre des merveilles, in association with the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. Opening this activity book is like opening the door of a curiosity cabinet, where a thousand wonders are piling up on the shelves. In My Wonder Room you can play with the collections, you can mix and match animals to create chimeras, […] Read more»

The Beautiful Dances

23 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
Les belles danses, by Marie Desplechin and Jean-Michel Othoniel The Water Theater Grove was one of the most beautiful groves in the gardens of Versailles. It’s in this magical scenery that Jean-Michel Othoniel imagined his Beautiful Dances. The design of these sculptures originates in the dancing steps imagined by Raoul- Auger Feuillet, choreographer of Louis XIV. […] Read more»

Saint Ex’s Little Princess

22 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
La petite princesse de Saint-Ex, by Pef A Prince, a master in writing as well as flying, a plane fallen from the sky, an old lady who remembers an unforgettable event from her childhood: that’s the story Pef chose to tell us, as a great plane expert and admirer of Saint-Exupéry. This true story echoes […] Read more»