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Sweet Dreamers

26 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Doux Rêveurs, by Isabelle Simler What do animals dream about? Does a wolf dream of a delicious bone? And does a cat, during its endless naps, dream of leaps and twists? What about the koala, the giraffe and the whale? Through a series of charming texts, readers explore these simple, heartwarming dreams, alongside the animals. Rights […] Read more»

My Planet

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Ma Planète, by Emmanuelle Houdart The story begins early one morning in a child’s bedroom, with the protagonist slowly waking up. Around him, a variety of toys, a cheerful mess, full of different things the reader will have fun spotting over the following pages. The young boy proudly tells us how, after a horrible war in […] Read more»

Wake up Raymond!

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Emilie
Réveille-toi Raymond ! by Anne Crausaz Winter is coming and Raymond the dreamy snail is getting ready to hibernate. He says goodnight to Juliette and retreats into his shell… but nothing happens in the usual way, he has one nightmare after another! Suddenly a terrifying hand comes towards him and is about to seize him! Quick! Quick! Wake up Raymond! 48 pages hardcover Picture […] Read more»

Even Mangoes Have Papers

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Même les mangues ont des papiers, by Yves Pinguilly and illustrated by Aurélia Fronty Leaving your homeland to flee poverty… A dream that’s not so easy to realize. Khady and Momo took a long time to make up their minds before deciding to stow away on a cargo ship carrying mangoes. But the land of their […] Read more»


14 avril, 2014 Posted by Emilie
Des Vagues, by Isabelle Simler Getting into the waves, lying there, letting go and dream. Wondering about these plants and seaweeds, corals and reefs, and the light of the ocean on them. And then floating up to the surface, on the back of a humpback whale, and be reborn to the world. A daydream filled with infinite poetry and aquatic softness. Hardcover picture book, 48 pages, […] Read more»

At Rainbow School

13 novembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
À l’école arc-en-ciel, by Béatrice Fontanel and Lucile Placin One morning, tears stream down Tom’s face so fast that they flood the school playground. The children are delighted, the teachers turn into mermaids and everyone has fun playing and splashing around. At last a magnificent rainbow appears above the school, and Tom is eager to […] Read more»

The Heron and the Snail

17 octobre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Le Héron et l’Escargot, une fable, by Marie-France Chevron, ill. by Mathilde Magnan This is a funny and efficient tale, a new version of the law of the strongest. No lamb or wolf here, but a starving heron and a dreaming snail. A snail that, before disappearing, wants its dream to come true: flying. The […] Read more»

Or a Fireman…

24 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Ou alors pompier… by Hubert Ben Kemoun and Bruno Heitz ‘When I grow up, I want to be…’ One particularly imaginative child considers what he wants to be when he is older: a variety of occupations that make dreams come true. The world of work can be an exciting place! When his classmates dream to […] Read more»

Nap Time

20 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
La sieste, by Alain Serres and Judith Gueyfier Want your children to take an afternoon nap? Show them these snoozers from all over the world, all dreaming the same dream, and none of them in a hurry to leave their bed, boat or carpet of grass! Hardcover picture book, 40 pages, 14.5 x 26.5 cm Read more»

Martin and Rosa, United for Equality

20 septembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Martin et Rosa, ensemble pour l’égalité, by Raphaële Frier and Zaü M.L. King and R. Parks: the overlapping stories of two key figures who spoke out against racial segregation. Their shared battle begins with the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955. The chronicle includes an overview of the history of slavery and ends with Obama’s election. […] Read more»