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14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Hibou, by Mélodie Baschet On the day Hibou disappeared for three hours. When she came back, she seemed to have fatten a bit. And it happened one day, all of a sudden Hibou’s kitten was there, on the couch. Hibou and Douglas learned to live together. And then, when her little one was six months […] Read more»

Green Eyes

2 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Les yeux verts, by Li Lamarre and illustrations by Odile Santi Snow is a yellow-eye white cat… A cat who needs freedom. At the end of a long journey, rich and trying, she meets Tao, a green-eyed black cat… 48 pages hardcover picture book, 32.5 x 23 cm     Read more»

Santa Fruta

2 avril, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Santa Fruta, by Delphine Perret, illustrated by Sébastien Mourrain In the Colorado desert, a cactus is feeling bored. Thousands of kilometers away, a cat loves nothing better than to lie flat on the ground next to the radiator. Following advice from a psychologist for cats, both his owners decide to take him on the exotic trips they love so much. […] Read more»

Third Branch On The Left

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Emilie
Troisième branche à gauche, by Alexandra Pichard A little girl is waiting for her father. To pass the time, she plays with her cat. When it jumps up into a tree, she climbs up after it. The little girl goes from branch to branch looking for her cat, crossing astonishing landscapes inhabited by a cast of characters, all of them looking for […] Read more»

Black Cat, White Cat

11 mai, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Chat noir, chat blanc, by Claire Garralon In a black and white world, black cats and white cats cannot meet, even though they’d like to. So what’s next? They have to invent their very own world. An elegant cardboard book to ask without fuss about what makes us all different, and nonetheless live together in harmony. […] Read more»


5 décembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Plume, by Isabelle Simler This title draws the portrait of birds, funny and stylized, in contrast with the drawing of their feathers, detailed and naturalistic. Filled with humour and tenderness, the book will be enjoyed for its details. One can feel like a collector, just like this mischievous tomcat, who just adores his fellows with […] Read more»

Tête-à-Tête With My Cat

13 novembre, 2013 Posted by Hannele
Tête-à-tête avec mon chat, by Isabelle Simler It happens just like this, one fine day: the little boy and his beloved cat switch bodies. In his cat’s shoes, he discovers the world through its eyes and tries out new sensations. Padding around, he paces the garden, lingers on welcoming knees, and enjoys being pampered. But […] Read more»

The Surprise

18 juillet, 2013 Posted by Catherine
La Surprise, by Janik Coat The Surprise is a story with no text, a graphic tale on the emotions and feelings between a human being and a cat. It shows the tacit agreement of a woman and her animal on the arrival on the new born baby. Not a sound, not a word is needed to […] Read more»