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You & I

3 avril, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Toi, moi, nous, by Lorea De Vos The birth of the little brother… or is it a little sister? Through the maternity with Daddy meeting the baby. 20 pages boardbook with die-cuts, 18 x 18 cm Read more»

Baby Box

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Baby Box, by Ingela P. Arrhenius The first books box for babies! Four leporello books based on shapes, colours and contrasts and a mobile for the baby’s room. Inspired by the books Ingela had handcrafted for her sons when they were born! The perfect birth gift. 1 box + 4 leporello books + 1 mobile in […] Read more»

Haïkus for Little Ones

2 avril, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Les Haïkus des tout petits, by Alain Serres, illustrated by Judith Gueyfier A collection of 32 poems in haiku style, evoking the feelings and experiences that make up a very young child’s day. Slip this board book into your bag and make poetry a daily delight. 70 pages boardbook, 16 x 16 cm Read more»

In This World

2 avril, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Dans ce monde, by Malika Doray This title tells a toddler about his place in the world. When he arrives; the simple everyday actions he is the centre of. Then learning how to be independent kindly surrounded by grown-ups. Eventually discovering the world, being autonomous and having a direct relationship with things and other beings. Eventually the […] Read more»

World Food for Babies

30 mars, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Une Cuisine du monde pour les bébés, by Anne Kerloc’h, illustrated by Judith Gueyfier and Zaü This book takes readers on a world tour of cookery for very young children, aged six months to two years. Whether crunchy, finely chopped, or smooth, the recipes are just right for little mouths, even without teeth! Each page also has a version to suit the […] Read more»

Life is a Lullaby

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Emilie
La vie est une berceuse, by Malika Doray Life is a lullaby that we should learn how to listen to… and big rabbit is singing from one side… and the other… This is how Malika Doray’s book begins rocking to the rhythm of day and night, over and under, day after day. And within this rocking motion care is taken, love is lavished, respecting […] Read more»

The Secret

11 mai, 2015 Posted by Stéphanie
Le Secret, by Emilie Vast Fox has a secret. She can’t keep it any longer, so she tells Rabbit. “Oh! Extraordinary”, said Rabbit. Rabbit has a secret. He can’t keep it any longer, so he tells Dragonfly. “Oh! Terrific”, said Dragonfly. Dragonfly has a secret. She can’t keep it any longer, so she tells Squirrel. […] Read more»

Babies Taste Salty

23 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
Les bébés ont un goût salé, by Dominique Sampiero With an absent father, a mother who disappears for several days and a baby sister to pacify, thirteen-year-old Malika already has plenty of responsibilities. But a week at the seaside with her youth club and all her friends is just too good to miss. She’ll just […] Read more»

The Miniature Kid

22 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
L’enfant minuscule, by Clotilde Perrin The arrival of a new baby brother or sister doesn’t mean parents have to forget the older kids! But what if it was a chance to become teeny tiny yourself? What fun it would be to be a miniature kid! A new series by Clotilde Perrin. A series of pocket-sized books that […] Read more»

Little Ones

19 septembre, 2013 Posted by Catherine
Petits, by Alain Serres, ill. Julia Chausson Brought up, protected, encouraged, all these little animals experience life in their parents’ footsteps. A series of big and small animals are paired up and together they easily get through the small challenges of everyday life: darkness at night, a river to cross, a mountain to climb, etc. The […] Read more»