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Sweet Dreamers

26 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Doux Rêveurs, by Isabelle Simler What do animals dream about? Does a wolf dream of a delicious bone? And does a cat, during its endless naps, dream of leaps and twists? What about the koala, the giraffe and the whale? Through a series of charming texts, readers explore these simple, heartwarming dreams, alongside the animals. Rights […] Read more»

Björn And The Big Wide World

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Björn et le vaste monde, by Delphine Perret It’s spring again and Björn wakes up. The world has changed a little during the winter. Here are six entertaining new stories, in which our bear and his forest friends continue their exploration of the human world. After the success of his first six adventures, Björn continues […] Read more»


25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Feuille, by Diána Nagy A leaf is born of a shoot in springtime. It then endures the succession of seasons and its attending wind and rain, insects and butterflies. Comes autumn and the leaf turns yellow; it falls off the tree. Is the cycle over? Not if anybody has any say in the matter… 36 […] Read more»

The Incredibles

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Les Incroyables !, by David Melbeck and Aurélien Cantou If one is asking about pounds or the waterholes, you’ll be thinking about a still stretch of water, rather calm and boring. BUT, in fact, incredible things are happening here. Should you be a fan of science-fiction, detective stories, drama, or show-biz, glitters and red carpets… discover […] Read more»

The Three Gibbons and the Little Crocodile

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Les Trois Gibbons et le petit crocodile, by Kenji Abe Out on a stroll, the Three Gibbons come across a tiny crocodile trapped in a hole. Is he dangerous? He looks like a baby… The Three Gibbons decide to come to his help. The next day as they rest in the sun, a big crocodile […] Read more»

The Tiny Nonsense Library

13 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
La Drôle de petite bibliothèque, by Dorothy Kunhardt and Garth Williams Twelve stories, twelve animals, twelve adventures going year round. The work of author Dorothy Kunhardt and illustrator Garth Williams in 1949, these twelve short stories are sometimes nonsensical but always whimsical. Here they are, compiled in a tiny bookset. 12 hardcover books in a […] Read more»

A Little Blue Fly

2 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
D’une petite mouche bleue, by Mathias Friman It all starts with a little blue fly crossing the path of a frog. The frog swallows the little fly in one gulp… and turns all blue. The roughest and funniest sides of the food chain come to life in this hiking tale. Nobody escapes, small or large, […] Read more»

Max and Marcel

1 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Max et Marcel, by Alice Meteigner Max, the human, and Marcel,the horse, live peacefully in a lush green setting. Today is Marcel the horse’s birthday and together they decide that this is the perfect opportunity to take a long trip. An encounter will soon provide a different altitude to their journey… Bologna Children’s Book Fair, nomination […] Read more»

Zebedee’s Balloon

3 avril, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Le ballon de Zébulon, by Alice Brière-Haquet and illustrated by Olivier Philipponneau & Raphaële Enjary Zebedee’s bright red balloon flies away one night, but Zebedee is afraid of the dark. Together with the owl, they enter the forest to look for, and several times think they find it. But each time something else comes up, […] Read more»

The Bee and the Garden Spider

3 avril, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Abeille et Épeire, by Émilie Vast The bee goes back and forth, from hive to flowers, flowers to hive. She observes the web that the spider weaves on her trips and, distracted, ends up trapped in it! Thus begins a long dialogue between the two workers. 32 pages hardcover, 21.5 x 25 cm Read more»