Les fourmis rouges

The Stinky Tribe

26 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
La Tribu qui pue, by Elise Gravel and Magali Le Huche Have you heard of the stinky tribe? They’re a little gang of dirty children who live with their animal friends in huts made of sticks. There’s Laurent, the tall redhead with his two foxes, Lucie with her braids and her grass snake and tiny […] Read more»

Björn And The Big Wide World

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Björn et le vaste monde, by Delphine Perret It’s spring again and Björn wakes up. The world has changed a little during the winter. Here are six entertaining new stories, in which our bear and his forest friends continue their exploration of the human world. After the success of his first six adventures, Björn continues […] Read more»

It’s In The Detail

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Dans le détail, by Elisa Géhin This is an ultra-modern book, picking up on one of Élisa Géhin’s favourite themes: classification. It features lists galore, in an unusual order. Things are classified, but differently in each chapter. Children learn to name the things around them while discovering the world from many points of view. Without […] Read more»

Aliens Are Coming

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
On débarque, by Sophie Régnier and Nicolas Barrome Forgues The Bifrons are fun-loving aliens but they don’t care what they do to their planet, and it dies – the resources run out and there’s nothing left to eat. They set off in search of a hospitable planet where they can carry on living free from worry […] Read more»

The Bear And The Trapper

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
L’Ours et le trappeur, by Christophe Swal Taking place at the end of the 19th century, it tells the story of Jacques Poitier, a trapper, whose life changes when he crosses the path of Mortimer, a scary bear with a golden voice. The two characters form an unlikely friendship and the trapper decides to show […] Read more»

Kidnapping In Bogey Village!

2 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Kidnapping au village des crottes de nez ! , by Mrzyk & Moriceau Do you remember the Bogey village? Dive back into this wacky universe’s wild new adventure by Mrzyk & Moriceau! In the previous «Panic At Bogey Village», the Boulette family had been kidnapped by a giant finger. In this new story, little readers will […] Read more»

A Little Blue Fly

2 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
D’une petite mouche bleue, by Mathias Friman It all starts with a little blue fly crossing the path of a frog. The frog swallows the little fly in one gulp… and turns all blue. The roughest and funniest sides of the food chain come to life in this hiking tale. Nobody escapes, small or large, […] Read more»

Muddy Princess

1 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Princesse Caca, by Christophe Nicolas and illustrated by Anouk Ricard Princess is really pretty in her princess’ dress and hat. «You are so beautiful Princess; can I have a little kiss?» But Princess doesn’t look like she wants one. What she likes is playing mud merchant with Coco and eating tons of chocolate cake.. 32 pages […] Read more»

Fighting Coco

1 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Coco Bagarre, by Christophe Nicolas and illustrated by Anouk Ricard With his frown and clenched fists, Coco doesn’t look very friendly today. “What do you want my little Coco? A hug?” But Coco, armed with his hammer, doesn’t look like he wants a hug, a kiss or a teddy… 32 pages hardcover picture book, 17 x 19 […] Read more»

The Bungalow’s Gravel Who Dreamt About The Sea

3 avril, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Le gravillon de pavillon qui voulait voir la mer, by Claire Schvartz Dany is a piece of gravel, but watch out, not any kind of gravel, a bungalow gravel! All day long, he is trampled by feet, wheels or worse… garbage bins. Until one day, a cute sea pebble named Launay shows up at the […] Read more»