Hernig & Zebraël

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Hernig & Zebraël, by Victor Boissel, illustrated by Beax Everything opposes Hernig, a lonesome and silent man, and Zebraël, a spirited and charming teenage boy… But these two heroes will have to unite and travel together on a quest that will lead them much further than the wolf’s den, to the very depths of the world, […] Read more»


24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Lignes, by Jacques Arragon This futuristic novel resumes the concerns 21st century humanity encounters: the impact man has on the planet, how we are changing the landscapes, the consequences of being hyper connected, the communication at all costs, the appalling issue of food resources for a growing population. A great book where science-fiction meets environmental questions. […] Read more»

Journey To The Center Of The Earth

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Voyage au centre de la terre, by Jules Verne, illustrated by Isabelle Simler Journey to the Center of the Earth is one of Jules Verne’s greatest masterpieces. Isabelle Simler’s vibrant and meticulous illustrations were added to this captivating text. From full-page images, rich in detail, to the delicate illustrations ending the chapters, the drawings beautifully transpose […] Read more»

Nour and the Wolf People

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Nour et le peuple des loups, by M. Piquemal and illustrated by E. Roudier It is the seventh century BC. Young Nour, a member of the hunter tribe, discovers that the neighbouring tribe has a very different way of life. They grow plants, breed livestock, preserve foods in salt and regard wolves as friends. But he also discovers that they […] Read more»

Do’s Shame

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
Do la honte, by Raphaële Frier “Do” is a model student. But he has a terrible secret. A source of dire embarrassment which he covers up with lies: his own family. The family from hell with their filth, coarseness and wretchedness, which disgust him. Nobody can imagine how he lives. Until the day his mother, collapses […] Read more»

Until Saturday!

9 octobre, 2015 Posted by Hannele
A samedi, by Hubert Ben Kemoun, illustrated by Zaü This graphic novel in three colours plunges into the emotional worlds of ten or so characters aged 15 to 40 over a period of four days. These intersecting destinies all have in common the universal theme of love’s unpredictability. Whether it lasts two days or two decades, whether passionate […] Read more»

Babies Taste Salty

23 septembre, 2014 Posted by Hannele
Les bébés ont un goût salé, by Dominique Sampiero With an absent father, a mother who disappears for several days and a baby sister to pacify, thirteen-year-old Malika already has plenty of responsibilities. But a week at the seaside with her youth club and all her friends is just too good to miss. She’ll just […] Read more»

Mitsu, a Perfect Day

19 septembre, 2013 Posted by Catherine
Mitsu, un jour parfait, by Mélanie Rutten Normally, Mitsu likes mornings. But on that day, she gets up in a bad mood! As her daily life becomes unbearable, Mitsu decides to venture out. On her trip, she experiences a unique encounter that will change the way she sees things in her life. The day after, nothing […] Read more»