Sweet Dreamers

26 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Doux Rêveurs, by Isabelle Simler What do animals dream about? Does a wolf dream of a delicious bone? And does a cat, during its endless naps, dream of leaps and twists? What about the koala, the giraffe and the whale? Through a series of charming texts, readers explore these simple, heartwarming dreams, alongside the animals. Rights […] Read more»

Me And The Others

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Ta Race ! Moi et les autres, by Marie Desplechin and Betty Bone Who’s racist nowadays? Me, you, the others? Also, where does the idea of us belonging to different races come from? Aren’t we all human beings? A luminous book that sheds light on relationships with the other, differences and racial prejudice throughout history. […] Read more»

It’s In The Detail

25 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Dans le détail, by Elisa Géhin This is an ultra-modern book, picking up on one of Élisa Géhin’s favourite themes: classification. It features lists galore, in an unusual order. Things are classified, but differently in each chapter. Children learn to name the things around them while discovering the world from many points of view. Without […] Read more»

The Incredibles

14 octobre, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Les Incroyables !, by David Melbeck and Aurélien Cantou If one is asking about pounds or the waterholes, you’ll be thinking about a still stretch of water, rather calm and boring. BUT, in fact, incredible things are happening here. Should you be a fan of science-fiction, detective stories, drama, or show-biz, glitters and red carpets… discover […] Read more»

How It All Started

2 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Comment tout a commencé, by Liuna Virardi  We cross more than 3.4 billion years in a handful of pages: from the appearance of the first single-cell organism in the oceans to the complex life-forms that populate today’s grounds, seas and heavens. The story of these continuous transformations tried out by Nature on all of its creatures […] Read more»

Nature Crib Sheets

2 mai, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Antisèches nature, by François Lassere, Candice Hayat, David Melbeck, Jampur Fraize Why haven’t birds got teeth? Do animals have bogeys too? Why is snow white? Does the female praying mantis really eat the male? Why are leaves green? Children ask so many questions! Answering them can be a challenge for parents, grandparents, teachers and those […] Read more»

Nature Express

3 avril, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Minute Nature, by Julien Perrot A plant with carnivorous seeds, a moorhen that’s not a hen, a doting dad blackbird, aliens that jump around in dead leaves… nature is full of surprises! With his usual enthusiasm, the editor of La Salamandre magazine invites you on a weekly discovery tour of your local surroundings to find […] Read more»

Red Skies

30 mars, 2017 Posted by Emilie
Ciels rouges, by Isabelle Simler A butterfly specialist is looking for Princess Butterfly, who would have discovered the secrets of silk manufacturing. With magnificent illustrations and a text which reads like a tale, Red Skies takes its readers into a journey through the Chinese road of silk. 48 pages hardcover picture book, 32.5 x 23 cm Read more»

This Is My Sketchbook

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Ceci est mon carnet de dessin, by Laurent Corvaisier Laurent Corvaisier has allowed us to dip into the sketch books he fills day by day and choose these 80 unique drawings. We found Italian gardens, Turkish portraits and the streets of Paris rendered in chalk, watercolours and ink. A wonderful journey that will inspire the reader […] Read more»

On Tour!

24 octobre, 2016 Posted by Emilie
Tournée !, by Johanna Seban, illustrated by Elsa Fouquier What is a balafon? Where was jazz music born? And hip hop? Why was Mozart so small? Where did Paul McCartney and John Lennon meet for the first time? All the answers to these questions and much more in this book written by a journalist working at […] Read more»